ルチア   (Ruchia)
Naccubus/Nabisu Dodomeki/Manako →
Race: Worm Summoner
Level: 22
Area: Tower of Magic, Pocket Castle (3F - "South" Laboratory) 
Appears in: Monster Girl Quest: Paradox Chapter 1


Hit Rate: 90%
Critical Rate: 5%
Evasion Rate: 5%
Magic Evasion Rate: 20%
Counter Rate: 0%
Magic Counter Rate: 0%

Advanced Status

HP Recovery Rate: 0%
MP Recovery Rate: 0%
SP Recovery Rate: 0%
SP Charge Rate: 100%
MP Consumption: 100%
SP Consumption: 100%
Recovery Effectiveness: 100%
Item Effectiveness: 100%
Steal Success Rate: 100%
Magic Reflect: 0%
XP Rate: 100%
Job XP Rate: 100%
Gold Bonus: 100%
Item Drop Rate: 100%

Race(s) and Job(s)

Job(s): Level(s):
Magician 10
Scholar 10
Alchemist 8
Scholar 5
Race(s): Level(s):
Human 10
Worm Summoner 5


Mad Alchemist: Summoning, Alchemy, and Tentacle skills deal +15% damage.


Request: Affection Needed: Extra Notes:
Predation 10 Will murder you
Soul Draining 50 Will murder you
Predation...? 100 Will not murder you

Raising Affection and Present List

Affection Raised: Items:
2 Bread, Grilled Sea Slug, Grilled Starfish, Roast Newt
3 Beetle, Bird Foot, Cheese, Cookie, Dried Squid, Fish, Honey, Jerky, Meat,

Milk, Octopus, Pepper, Prawn, Squid, Toffee

7 Anko, Chocolate, Coffe, Cola, Eel, Sausage, Strawberry Jam
10 Ama-Ama Dango, Anpan, Crab, Sea Beam
15 Eclair, Fried Egg, Jelly, Pudding, Sandwich
18 Broiled Fish
24 Pizza
27 Yakitori
30 Croquette
45 Gratin
180 Parfait
Affection Needed: Gift:
10 Miracle Drug x3
100 Earrings
500 Conversion Ring
2000 Force Ring


Note: To be added in the future.

World Interactions

Note: To be added in the future.

Character Side Quest

Lucia has a sidequest on the pocket monster castle after you recruit her, but unlike her sister she gains no benefits from doing them (yet).

First Step: She'll first ask to visit the Forest of Spirits to study the elemental spirit energy. Take her to the place where you fought against Sylph, only Lucia needs to be on your party for this. There she'll starting investigating and eventually something happens with Sylph and she gains a new skill unique to her: Chi Pa Pa Song.

Second Step: She'll then ask to visit Safaru Ruins to study the place where you fought Gnome. Once you do, Lucia will get the Breath of the Earth skill.

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