80 lizardthief st01
リル   (Riru)
Dodomeki/Manako Lizard Thief B/Len →
Race: Dragonoid
Level: 22
Area: Pocket Castle (B1F) 
Appears in: Monster Girl Quest: Paradox Chapter 1


Hit Rate: 90%
Critical Rate: 15%
Evasion Rate: 20%
Magic Evasion Rate: 0%
Counter Rate: 0%
Magic Counter Rate: 0%

Advanced Status

HP Recovery Rate: 0%
MP Recovery Rate: 0%
SP Recovery Rate: 0%
SP Charge Rate: 100%
MP Consumption: 100%
SP Consumption: 100%
Recovery Effectiveness: 100%
Item Effectiveness: 100%
Steal Success Rate: 200%
Magic Reflect: 0%
XP Rate: 100%
Job XP Rate: 100%
Gold Bonus: 150%
Item Drop Rate: 100%

Race(s) and Job(s)

Job(s): Level(s):
Hunter 10
Thief 10
Master Thief 8
Race(s): Level(s):
Dragon 10
Dragonoid 5


Lizard Thief: Can always use Dagger and Thievery skills. +50% gold drop rate.


Request: Affection Needed:
Blowjob 10

Raising Affection and Present List

Affection Raised: Items:
1 Dried Squid, Jerky
2 Bread
3 Beer, Bird Foot, Egg, Fish, Meat, Octopus, Prawn, Squid
7 Curry Powder, Eel, Sausage, Yamatai Sake
10 Crab, Sandwich, Sea Beam
15 Fried Egg
16 Pizza
18 Broiled Fish
24 Curry and Rice
27 Yakitori
30 Croquette
45 Gratin

Note: There may be more items that I didn't tested on her yet, so if you used anything that does not appear on the list please send me a message or put it in yourself.

Affection Needed: Gift:
10 Dragon Shield
100 Silver Bracelet
500 Dagger Scroll
2000 Thief's Bracelet


Note: to be added in the future

World Interactions

Note: to be added in the future

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