Lily human
リリー   (Rirī)
Mitsuko Shizuku →
Race: Worm Summoner
Level: 22
Area: Tower of Magic, Pocket Castle (3F - "South" Laboratory) 
Appears in: Monster Girl Quest: Paradox Chapter 1


Hit Rate: 90%
Critical Rate: 5%
Evasion Rate: 5%
Magic Evasion Rate: 20%
Counter Rate: 0%
Magic Counter Rate: 0%

Advanced Status

HP Recovery Rate: 0%
MP Recovery Rate: 0%
SP Recovery Rate: 0%
SP Charge Rate: 100%
MP Consumption: 100%
SP Consumption: 100%
Recovery Effectiveness: 100%
Item Effectiveness: 100%
Steal Success Rate: 100%
Magic Reflect: 0%
XP Rate: 100%
Job XP Rate: 100%
Gold Bonus: 100%
Item Drop Rate: 100%

Race(s) and Job(s)

Job(s): Level(s):
Magician 10
Scholar 10
Summoner 5
Magical Scholar 8
Race(s): Level(s):
Human 10
Worm Summoner 5


Mad Mage: Summoning, Magic Science, and Tentacle skills deal +15% damage.


Request: Affection:
Worm Touch 10
Anal Drain 50
Semen Sucking Tentacle 100

Raising Affection and Present List

Affection Raised: Items:
-1 Pepper
1 Bread, Dried Bonito, Egg, Seaweed
2 Cheese, Curry Powder, Flour, Milk
3 Apple, Banana, Bok Choy, Carrot, Cabbage, Cherry, Corn, Cookie,

Cicada Shell, Cucumber, Garlic, Green Pepper, Honey, Lettuce,

Mandarim Orange, Potato, Rice, Roast Newt, Shitake Mushroom,


7 Anko, Chocolate, Coffee, Grape, Strawberry Jam, Tofu
10 Ama-Ama Dango, Anpan, Thin Fried Tofu
15 Eclair, Fried Egg, Pudding, Rice Ball, Sandwich, Vegetable Stir Fry
18 Miso Soup
21 Fruit Salad
24 Curry and Rice, Pizza
30 Croquette, Tempura
45 Gratin
180 Parfait
Affection Needed: Gift:
10 Seed of Magic
100 Protection Incense
500 Demon Arts Scroll
2000 Force Ring

Side notes

All these status are without any equipament or abilities equiped. She starts with:

Name: Bonus:
Weapon: Magic Dictionary: Curse Attack (+38), Magic (+60), Dexterity (+60), Death (15%)
Shield: Feather Shield Defense (+22), Willpower (+16)
Head: Crystal Circlet Defense (+20), Magic (+40), Willpower (+40)
Chest: Dogma Robe Defense (+35), Magic (+75), Willpower (+70), MP Regen (1%), Black Magic Boost (30%)

All of this equipament makes her final starting stats be:

Attack: 90
Defense: 127
Magic: 259
Willpower: 192
Agility: 43
Dexterity: 140

Character Side Quest

Lily has a sidequest on the pocket monster castle after you recruit her, but unlike her sister she gains benefits for herself when completed.

First Step: She'll ask to visit Luditte Village again after she hears that there is some womem being mistreated over there.

Second Step: Since you can only get to this quest after you've witnessed the second part of Sara's Side Quest, just enter into every house and witness some untranslated (in patch 1.21.30) dialogue with Lily, Sonya and Luka. Eventually Lily will get satisfied and the quest will be completed.

What you get from doing this: Lily will gain an extra Ability named Heavy Magic, that makes all the skills have the double of their original MP Cost, but she'll gain +50% Magic. It's the opposite of Light Magic.

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