This is the page for the leader of Lilith Sisters. For twin succubi named after her, see Lilith & Lilim.

Being the eldest of the Lilith Sisters, she is arguably the most powerful. She has a kind personality and is often polite when talking to people. Lilith and the other sisters serve Alipheese the 15th, along with Alice the I and are trying to stop the chaos from spreading by keeping it as close to the original timeline as possible. Like White Rabbit.


Harpy Village

After Luka has cured the majority of the harpies of the virus by using the Fruit of the World Tree, he returns to Harpy Village.

There, Alice/Ilias asks a harpy if anything strange had occurred before catching the virus. She mentions that a trio of succubi appeared in the village a few months earlier and then a virus had begun to spread days later. The succubi had gone to Harpy Village to discuss with the Queen Harpy if there had been any unusual activity in the village, such as humans or harpies going missing without a trace. Lilith acts politely throughout the whole ordeal but has to tell Morrigan repeatedly to shut up. After confirming that nothing strange has occurred, they prepare to take their leave, but Queen Harpy asks who they are. Morrigan:"We're the legendary-" Lilith: -travellers, passing by."

Luddite Village

Half an hour before Luka arrives in Luddite Village, the Lilith Sisters had already got there and had started to kill off the entire villages inhabitants.

The trio suddenly materialises in the middle of the village, much to the shock of the inhabitants. Morrigan explains that there was no Makina faction in the original history, and therefore, no anti-makina faction. Meaning that they get to drain the whole village dry. Two of the guards stand up to Morrigan, but she drains them both instantly. Morrigan then starts turning the village inhabitants into dried fish one at a time in mere seconds, while Lilith and Astaroth take a different one each and start draining them slowly. Astaroth disapproves of Morrigan's methods.

Luka first meets Astaroth in Luddite Village, where Astaroth and Lilith are still draining the two men in the village. 

Morrigan had turned the rest of them into husks. Luka believes it's horrible, but Lilith disagrees, saying that they felt the greatest pleasure before their death. But Sara disagrees with Lilith. Lilith notices her and is disappointed to see that she isn't in her succubus form anymore, and states that their plan was to have her suck all of Sabasa dry. Sara asks why she would want that, and Morrigan says that there was a possibility of that happening in the original history, meaning it could occur in this one, but Astaroth interrupts her before she can't explain any further.

Astaroth finishes draining the man, and explains to the group that they have deviated too much from the authentic history, so she'll deal with them here to prevent chaosization. Morrigan then departs, and so does Lilith after draining the last villager. After that, Astaroth forces Luka to fight her.


  • Lilith is a figure in Jewish mythology. According to midrashic literature, Adam's first wife was not Eve but a woman named Lilith, who was created in the first Genesis account.
  • Out of the three Lilith Sisters, she's the only one that will be fought multiple times according to the monsterpedia. Her part 2 entry has "First Fight" next to her name while Morrigan and Astaroth's entry are the same other bosses indicating we won't fight them again.