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Lamia, or Anastasia as a companion, is a monster in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox

Monsterpedia Entry

“A very famous monster with the lower body of a snake; within Lamias, there can be a very wide disparity in power. Older Lamias are assumed to have extremely powerful magic, however.

This particular Lamia has average power, but is extremely cruel. She enjoys coiling around her catch and hurting them. After weakening a man enough she enjoys swallowing them whole. If she finds a high-quality male, it’s possible that she will mate with them before eating. Like other Lamias, she has complete control over the muscles inside her vagina, allowing her to adjust the tightness to force men to ejaculate when she chooses. This is a very dangerous monster to run into as a man.

There have been instances of Lamias falling in love with men. Once they fall in love, they are extremely relentless in making the man hers. It’s said that they get so jealous that they will stay coiled around the man for the rest of his life, never allowing him to escape from her love.”


  • Attack-Normal Attack, One Enemy
  • Snake Tail Strike-Physical Attack, All Enemies
  • Tail Caress (M)-Pleasure Attack, Target:Luka
  • Tail Caress (F)-Pleasure Attack, Target:Female
  • Lamia Roll-Physical Attack with Bind, Target:Luka, 3 Turns Break
  • Screw Up (M)-Rape
  • Coiled Handjob-Rape
  • Coiled Fellatio-Rape
  • Coiled Tit Fuck-Rape
  • Lamia Devil Vagina (Act.)-Rape
  • Lamia Devil Vagina (Cont.)-Rape
  • Sure-Death Tightness-Rape
  • Screw Up (F)-Physical Attack, Target:Female, Bind 50%


Strong enemy. However, she appears only alone and most of her attacks are Target:Luka. You can use him as a human shield or let him be in back-up group. Just let your mage kill her with ice-based attacks.


Translation Pending

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