Jaide is a friendly low-class Apoptosis. She can join you after a battle.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Jaide: "Requesting maintenance."

With Promestein:

Jaide: "...What?"

Promestein: "You have a surprising number of organic components. In fact, you are mostly comprised of organic components."

Jaide: "I am not a robot. I am a mechanical lifeform."

Promestein: "Somehow I get the feeling you evolved differently. Is it alright if I dismantle your leg for a bit?"

Jaide: "No good would come of it."

With Sully:

Sully: "Oh, it''s the Jaide model! Hey! Hey! You doing well?"

Jaide: "Hello Sully model. There are no errors with my functions."

Sully: "Jaide is always so low key. Is it because you are a machine?"

Jaide: "There is a high strung personality option. Would you like me to activate it?"

Sully: "No way... that sounds scary."

With Luxuru:

Jaide: "Luxuru type confirmed."

Luxuru: "Jaide type... Meeting in a place like this, fate is strange."

Jaide: "I am someone who does not know anything about themselves. Are you also searching for answers?"

Luxuru: "I do not care about that, I just want to drink the sperm of my prey."

With Valto:

Jaide: "Valto type confirmed."

Valto: "Jaide type..."

Jaide: "Initiating small talk program... Nice weather today."

Valto: "You have some strange software installed."

Grandeur Theater

She is required in the "Machine Kingdom" and "World of Apoptosis" scenes.


Gadabout Actions

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