Neo Iron Maiden, or Torture as a companion, is a monster in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox

Monsterpedia Entry

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  • Attack-Normal Attack, One Enemy
  • Worm Shot-Physical Attack, One Enemy
  • Mega Thunder-Magical Attack, All Enemies, Lightning Attribute, Shock 10%
  • Spider Night Dream (M)-Pleasure Attack, Target:Luka
  • Spider Night Dream (F)-Pleasure Attack, Target:Female
  • Sweet Pinchers-Pleasure Attack, Target:Luka
  • Demon Eyes of Confusion-Debuff, All Enemies, Confusion 75%
  • Cave of Roses-Pleasure Attack, Target:Female, Bind 75%
  • Iron Maiden Demonic Sneer (Act.)-Pleasure Attack with Bind, Target:Luka, Inescapable
  • Iron Maiden Demonic Sneer (Cont.)-Rape


As usual, use Sylph and Gnome. Her bind is inescapable so attack her if she binds you. Also she can bind or confuse your characters very easy.


Translation Pending

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