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Remi is one of the Imps in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox. She is very shy and afraid of anyone besides her friends, Rami and Rumi.


She is first met in warehouse in Iliasville. She doesn't say anything and just shivers in fear. To recruit her, you must see her with Rami in party.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Remi: "*Tremble*"

With Rami:

Rami: "I brought a ball. Hey, let's play some ball!"

Remi: "Poofpoof... poofpoof..."

Rami: "Remi... those are my boobs... hey... what do you think you are doing?"

Remi: "Poofpoof... poofpoof..."

Rami: "........"

With Rumi:

Remi: "I brought a jump rope... let's compete on how many jumps we get."

Rumi: "I'll consent to that."

Rami: "Hnnn, it's hard to jump because my boobs giggle! Do either of you know why that happens?!"

Remi: "(Air resistance.)"

Rumi: "(Air resistance.)"

Rami: ".........."

With Anna:

Remi: "This is a strange creature...*Flinch*"

Anna: "........."

Anna: "*Shiver*"

Remi: "*Flinch*!"

Anna: "*Shudder*"

Remi: "*Shiver*"

With Lily:

Remi: "*Shudder*"

Lily: "This child is afraid just after being seen. You wouldn't happen to have been abused as a child, would you?"

Rami: "Reemii! I got some spinning firecrackers! Let's go launch them over there!"

Remi: ""

Lily: "...are you being bullied?"

With Shadow:

Shadow: ".........."

Remi: "This thing is scary... *Flinch*"

Shadow: ".........."

Remi: "..........."

Remi: "Huh? ...thank goodness."

Shadow: ".........."


In the 1st Camp:

Remi: "...I found this." (+1 Apple)

Remi: "*Tremble* ..."

In the 2nd Camp:

Remi: "...I caught this." (+1 Crab)

Remi: "*shiver*...":

Grandeur Theater

She is required in "Imp Rhapsody" scene.


Flirt Actions

1st Action:

Remi: "*shiver*"

Remi is scared! (Nothing happens)

2nd Action:

Remi: "y-you can... do it."

Remi quietly cheers!

But she was too quiet and no one heard her. (Nothing happens)

3rd Action:

Remi: "Huh? This is..."

Remi found a huge apple under the tree she was hiding behind! (+1 Apple)

4th Action:

Remi: "Awa,awa..."

Remi is thinking of lewd things.

Remi has become sensitive! (Remi is horny)

5th Action:

Remi: "Carefully..."

Remi doodles on the ground. (Nothing happens)


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