Heavenly Demon Revival

A mysterious technique that concentrates magic to destroy enemies. None who have witnessed this skill has lived to describe it. It seems to be compatible with the power of the earth...

"All life returns to the nature from whence it came!" - Luka

Heavenly Demon Revival (魔天回帰 Maten Kaiki) is a skill Luka can use under the influence of holy power. Luka accumulates power and releases it into a single burst.

After Luka finally awakes it in Chapter 3 while fighting Archangel Ranael, it replaces Earth Rumbling Decapitation and costs 4 SP to use.

Once the seal weakening the four spirits was removed, Gnome powers up this skill to Heavenly Demon Revival: Gaia, making it even stronger.


  • An alternate reading of 回帰 is "Revolution" or "Regression." As the graphic for the attack is a revolving spiral and the battle dialogue refers to a cycle of death and rebirth, "Heavenly Demon Revolution" is a valid alternate translation for it.

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