Heaven’s Gate
Heaven's gate
Rapunzel Seraph Eden →
Level: 148
HP (Normal): 40000
Experience: 300000
Skills: Seraphic Blowjob, Male Teasing Tentacles, Great Gate's Lusting Tongue, Gate of Judgement
Area: Navel of the World
Appears in: Chapter 3
Artist: Setouchi

Heaven's Gate is an angel in the Navel of the World. Originally a Cherubim, a member of the Second Order in the Hierarchy of Angels, she was ordered by Goddess Ilias to assimilate into the gate to Heaven in order to prevent intruders from accessing the gate from either side.

The gate itself contains so much holy energy that it's normally impossible to see. However, with the Four Heavenly Knights manipulating the Four Towers to weaken the holy energy throughout the world, Luka is able to spot the gate. Yet when he tries to access it, the structure transforms into an angel, prompting Luka to seal it.

Monsterpedia Entry

"A huge angel that is herself the Gate to Heaven. Originally a Cherubim, she was assimilated into the Gate, and ordered to guard it by Ilias herself. Rather than prevent surface dwellers from getting into Heaven, her true purpose was to restrict angels from freely being able to reach the surface world without Ilias's permission.

She was granted free control over devouring any who would attempt to unlawfully pass the gate, and render judgement as she saw fit. Since she is easily bored during her eternal duties, she would violate any trespassers for an eternity."


Seraphic Blowjob: Normal attack.

Male Teasing Tentacles: Normal attack that damages twice.

Great Gate's Lusting Tongue: Normal attack that damages twice.

Gate of Judgement: Triggers bind status and immediately leads to a one-hit KO via instant follow-up. Requires Sylph to avoid.

Battle Overview

Though she can inflict a lot of damage, this battle isn't too hard if all Four Spirits are kept up. An offensive strategy should be enough to take her down.

If Luka loses, he'll be pulled into her mouth and stroked by her tentacles, caressed by countless breasts, and licked by her massive tongue for all eternity.


"To think you would even be raped by the gate... You manged to surprise me... Surprisingly. ...Though I made that gate, so I knew it was possible. Your enemy is an angel, so fallen angel dance is useful. Gnome will also help with defense, of course. Undine isn't as effective, so you can skip her. Now go, oh brave Luka. I want to use that gate again, so don't break her too badly."


  • Her gate form is most likely a reference to the sculpture "the Gates of Hell" by French artist Augustine Rodin.
  • Heaven's Gate is the first, and one of only two, angels that have a higher 'Level' than Alice the XVI.