Grizzly Bear Girl, or Aisha as a companion, is a monster in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.

Monsterpedia Entry

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  • Blinding Attack-Normal Attack, One Enemy, Blind 25%
  • Scratch-Physical Attack, One Enemy
  • Double Bite-Physical Attack, One Enemy, Hit Rate -30%
  • Roar-Physical Debuff, All Enemies, Stun 75%
  • Bestial Howl-Buff, Self, +50% Evasion Rate for 4 Turns, +200% Hit Rate for 6 Turns, 20% SP Regen for 10 Turns
  • Push Down-Bind, Target: Luka, Two Turns Break
  • Grizzly Rape (Act.)-Rape
  • Grizzly Rape (Cont.)-Rape



“One day… In a forest… A bear… Raped me…♪ Sounds like a nursery rhyme, doesn’t it? The Grizzly Bear Girl has high physical abilities. Against an untamed beast like her, large damage is inevitable. In addition, she can stun the whole party with her skills. Grouped with her high physical attack, she’s a threat. But alas, she is a base beast. She’s weak to pleasure attacks and status effects. Use blind and ecstasy to weaken her. Don't do something silly like attack her head on. Now go, oh brave Luka. Exterminate the greatest threat to all countries - Bears.”


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