Goddess Ilias
Ilias Sealed
女神イリアス   (Megami Iriasu)
Gnome/Companion Promestein/Paradox →
Race: Angel
HP (Normal): 37
Areas: Iliasville Mountains, Ilias Temple, Luka's Inn
Appears in: Monster Girl Quest: Paradox Chapter 1
Artist: frfr
Everyone's favorite goddess is back and this time she's on your side. Technically she was on your side in the original and you betrayed her but those little details won't come back to haunt you in Paradox, probably.

Goddess Ilias, also known as The Divine Light Goddess or the Goddess that Created the World, is one of the Main Characters in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.


Goddess Ilias is first met in a dream. She tries to warn Luka of great danger but her voice and words are cut out by some weird static before she herself disappears.

When Luka is climbing the mountain to save Hans, Ilias falls from the sky and makes a crater right in front of him. She proclaims herself the Goddess of Creation but Luka brushes her off due to her tiny form. She tries to punish him with Thunder of Retribution but ends up only giving Luka a tiny static shock. She realizes she has been sealed but has no memory of how it happened, and runs off on her own.

Luka saves Hans and returns to Iliasville for his baptism despite Goddess Ilias having disappeared since the Great Disaster, thirty years ago. However, Goddess Ilias does appear before Luka telling him that the world is in danger and he must save it, even though she does not have enough power to baptize him properly.

Sonya warns Luka of a fight going on his house between two little girls. He arrives to find Alice and Ilias in a childish quarrel which he puts a stop to. They force Luka to choose one of them to go along with him. If Luka choose Ilias, she joins the party but is shocked to learn that Luka just came from his baptism where she, allegedly, showed up. Now, Luka's dad is still alive and he has a new childhood friend and Ilias doesn't understand any of it, only that this world is not supposed to be this way.

Monsterpedia Entry 

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As a Companion


HP: 37 MP: 16
Attack: 12 Defence: 11
Magic: 16 Willpower: 17
Agility: 13 Dexterity: 18

Elemental Resistances:

Physical: 100 Pleasure: 150
Fire: 50 Ice: 50
Lightning: 50 Wind: 100
Earth: 100 Water: 100
Holy: 50 Dark: 125
Bio: 50 Sonic: 50

Start Race, Jobs and Level: Lowly Angel Level 2, Hunter Level 2 , Level 2

Pocket Castle Location: Pocket Castle Cathedral

Favorite Gifts: Inarizushi (150 Affection), Fried Rice, Beef Bowl, Oden, Nabe (105 Affection), Ama Ama Dango (10 Affection)

Present List (10/100/500/2000): Holy Stone/Guard Rosary/Holy Ring/Holy Symbol

Request List: Footjob ( 100 Affection)

Trait: Goddess of Creation : Can always use [White Magic] and [Holy] skills.MP cost of Holy skills is halved.

World Interactions

"Luka, just slice her head off and be done with it. We'll bury her in the field and let her blood fertilize the strawberries." - Ilias advising Luka on how to help out a farmer with an Imp in their field.

If chosen as Luka's companion, Ilias teaches Luka the Angel Dance skill in the first campfire scene, the Holy Light and Meditation skills in the second, the Blade of Healing skill on the boat to Nataliaport, and the High Charge skill in the third and last campfire scene of part 1.

If not chosen to be Luka's companion, Luka and Alice will find Ilias at set locations in the world, gathering allies and trying to figure out what happened to her on her own, or eating lunch.

Her first appearance is in the Irina Mountains South Cave , where she recruits the Slime Girl, Puruko. She's next seen in the village, Rostrum, resting in one of the abandoned houses. Her third appearance is at the pier in Iliasport, where she is joined by the Dog Girl, Wanko. Afterwards, she appears again at Mt. Saint Amos halfway up the mountain. Her last appearance is at Grandeur, where she can be seen enjoying the free samples at one of the food stalls along with her new companions.


  • So far, there are potentially three Ilias seen in Paradox, all within the first ten minutes of gameplay. There is the Ilias in his dream which is attacked by something. There is the Ilias who baptizes him and is mostly likely doing the evaluations. And there is the sealed Ilias who travels with Luka. However, the first Ilias might be the same as the third, only sealed after the attack.


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