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ゴブ   (Gobu)
Earthworm Girl/Mimi Tiny Lamia/Teeny →
Race: Demi-Human
Level: 9
Area: Iliasburg, Pocket Castle (1F - Entrance at left side) 
Appears in: Monster Girl Quest: Paradox Chapter 1


Hit Rate: 90%
Critical Rate: 15%
Evasion Rate: 15%
Magic Evasion Rate: 0%
Counter Rate: 0%
Magic Counter Rate: 0%

Advanced Status

HP Recovery Rate: 0%
MP Recovery Rate: 0%
SP Recovery Rate: 0%
SP Charge Rate: 100%
MP Consumption: 100%
SP Consumption: 100%
Recovery Effectiveness: 100%
Item Effectiveness: 100%
Steal Success Rate: 100%
Magic Reflect: 0%
XP Rate: 100%
Job XP Rate: 100%
Gold Bonus: 100%
Item Drop Rate: 100%

Race(s) and Job(s)

Job(s): Level(s):
Warrior 5
Thief 3
Race(s): Level(s):
Demi-Human 5


Zazoom bandit!: Can always equip Clubs. Can always use [Club] and [Thievery] skills. +10% to Crit and Evasion rate. Agility gets a 30% boost.



Affection Needed:

Reverse Rape 10

Raising Affection and Present List

Affection Raised: Items:
1 Acorn, Beetle, Bok Choy, Cabbage, Carrot, Cicada Shell, Cucumber, Dried Bonito, Dried Squid, Egg, Flour, Green Pepper, Jerky, Lettuce, Onion, Pine Cone, Potato, Prawn, Radish, Rock, Seaweed, Shitake Mushroom, Tomato
2 Apple, Banana, Cheese, Cherry, Cookie, Corn, Fish, Honey, Milk, Pepper, Toffee
3 Bird Foot, Eel, Mandarim Orange, Meat, Rice
4 Crab
5 Anko, Chocolate, Grape, Sausage, Strawberry Jam, Vegetable Stir Fry
7 Anpan, Cola, Sea Beam, Tofu
10 Ama-Ama Dango, Eclair, Fried Egg, Jelly, Pudding, Sandwich, Thin Fried Tofu
14 Fruit Salad
15 Rice Ball
16 Pizza
18 Broiled Fish, Miso Soup, Yakitori
20 Croquette
30 Gratin
180 Parfait
Affection Needed: Gift:
10 Seed of Power
100 Power Wrist
500 Courage Headband
2000 Charging Shoes


Note: To be added in the future.

World Interactions

Note: To be added in the future.

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