Fairy C is a monster in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox. She is part of the group of fairies

Monsterpedia Entry

“When a large group of fairies come together, they usually have a leader. If someone antagonizes the fairies, the leader is said to instruct the others in how to attack and defend themselves. Their attacks generally involve playing tricks and tormenting the antagonist. While a single fairy isn’t too dangerous, a large group cannot be taken lightly.

Palm sized fairies are difficult to catch or hit. If a large amount of fairies are able to cover your body, there is little you can do to get them off. Once caught, there is nothing that awaits you but miserable days of being played with by the group. It’s very dangerous to antagonize fairies, so be sure not to anger them.”


  • Attack-Normal Attack, One Enemy
  • Landslide-Certain Hit, One Enemy, Earth Attribute
  • Scales of Paralysis-Physical Debuff, All Enemies, Paralysis 75%
  • Tickling Feather (M)-Pleasure Attack, Target:Luka
  • Tickling Feather (F)-Pleasure Attack, Target:Luka


Due to their high evasion, almost all of your physical attacks will be useless. However, lots of Makina/Holy skills automatically hit, so if you have any, then don't hesitate to use them. The fairies do minimal damage overall, but that's why they usually appear in groups of three. They aren't very powerful. Just annoying to deal with. On a final note, they have good all-around resistances, but they're immune to the wind entirely.

She has a Landslide attack, which is guaranteed to hit, and a Paralysis attack. Paralysis is essentially a worse version of Sleep, but it lasts for a shorter duration. However, it can be cured with Full Moon Grass. If you don't have Full Moon Grass, replace that party member with another one, as they're useless so long as Paralysis active.


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