Eva is a boss who can be recruited as a companion. She is automatically recruited after defeating her during the Justice Kaiser's Side Quest.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Eva: "My job range is pretty awesome. Since I've been exiled for so long, I've tried my hand at a lot of different ones. ...That's not to say I half-assed any of them!"

With Mimi:

Mimi: "Let's go steal from the fields, Eva!"

Eva: "Yes, let's go, Mimi!"

Sonya: "Why are you two getting along so well?!"

With Pumpkin:

Eva: "Ohh, a delicious-looking pumpkin."

Pumpkin: "Don't eat me..."

Eva: "I can have a little, right? Just a bite..."

Pumpkin: "Stop..."

With Shelly:

Eva: "Hey, are you hiding a pearl in your shell?"

Shelly: "No. I'm not a pearl oyster."

Eva: "Shame. ...Let's say, for the sake of argument, I needed ingredients for a miso soup..."

Shelly: "Is this really just 'for the sake of argument?'"

With Christie:

Eva: "So, why are you a sister even though you're a succubus? Is it profitable?"

Christie: "Of course it is. It's easy to get three meals and a bed for the night from the donations alone."

Eva: "Oookaay! Starting today, I'm a sister! God, please give me food every day."

Christie: (That's all it took to get her to believe?)

With Chrome:

Eva: "Hey, is grave robbing profitable?"

Chrome: "Well, I did make a little money from it once... But now I'm forbidden from creating zombies from the bodies."

Eva: "So you can't earn any leisure money from it after all..."

Chrome: "Honestly, grave robbing requires a horrendous amount of heavy lifting."

With Casta:

Eva: "Can I sell your thorns? ♪"

Casta: "Ah, wait, could you not pull out my thorns?"

Eva: "Ouch! You moved, so I got pricked!"

Casta: "Sorry about that. ...Wait, what did I do wrong?"

With Jeannie:

Jeannie: "What is your wish?"

Eva: "Money! Three meals a day and a roof over my head for the rest of my life! After a snack!"

Jeannie: "Your wish is granted."

Eva: "Ahh, fantastic... Snacks... Money..."

-Eva is seeing a hallucination.

Jeannie: "For her to be so honest about her desires... It's rather refreshing."

With Saki:

Eva: "Is song and dance profitable?"

Saki: "Saki doesn't think it makes that much money... But I also get gifts from the fans, so I don't have any troubles in life."

Eva: "I shall become an idol! Hey, what kind of idol should I market myself as?"

Saki: "Something like a crazy unfortunate one. Or a poverty-stricken one."

Eva: "That doesn't sound fun..."

With Regina:

Eva: "Wow! What a perverted outfit!"

Regina: "Y-you're pretty exposed too!"

Eva: "Are you broke?"

Regina: "Money isn't the problem! This is a combat uniform passed down from generation to generation by my ancestors!"

Eva: "So it's ancestral... Why not sell it?"

Regina: (This succubus moves at her own pace, huh?)

With Nabisu:

Nabisu: "Eva-chan, how's your health? I hope you weren't too hungry..."

Eva: "Of course I'm healthy! I didn't starve..."

Nabisu: "Did you get a job somewhere?"

Eva: "...I haven't been working..."

Nabisu: "So it's just as I thought. It's no good if you eat properly but don't do any work."

With Lisa:

Eva: "This may be sudden, but how much could I sell you for?"

Lisa: "Don't sell me."

Eva: "We need to get some wrapping paper to package you with."

Lisa: "I said, don't sell me."

Grandeur Theater


Gadabout Actions


  • She's the only companion whose Unique Ability takes the form of an equip-able ability that can be turned on or off.

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