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百々目鬼   (Dodomeki)
Lucia/Paradox Companion Lizard Thief A/Lilu →
Race: Youkai
Level: 22
Area: Pocket Castle (2F East - Pub) 
Appears in: Monster Girl Quest: Paradox Chapter 1


Hit Rate: 90%
Critical Rate: 5%
Evasion Rate: 5%
Magic Evasion Rate: 0%
Counter Rate: 0%
Magic Counter Rate: 0%

Advanced Status

HP Recovery Rate: 0%
MP Recovery Rate: 0%
SP Recovery Rate: 0%
SP Charge Rate: 100%
MP Consumption: 100%
SP Consumption: 75%
Recovery Effectiveness: 100%
Item Effectiveness: 200%
Steal Success Rate: 100%
Magic Reflect: 0%
XP Rate: 100%
Job XP Rate: 100%
Gold Bonus: 100%
Item Drop Rate: 100%

Race(s) and Job(s)

Job(s): Level(s):
Hunter 10
Merchant 10
Item User 6
Race(s): Level(s):
Yoma 10
Demi-Human 10
Holy Demon 6
Youkai 5


100 Eyes: Demon Arts skills that use eyes deal +30% damage and inflict status effects 30% more often. 35% chance to use a random Demon Arts skill using eyes at start of battle.


Request: Affection Needed:
Blowjob 10

Raising Affection and Present List

Affection Raised: Items:
1 Cheese, Milk
2 Apple, Banana, Beer, Cherry, Mandarim Orange
3 Cookie, Dried Bonito, Honey, Rice, Seaweed, Toffee
5 Ama-Ama Dango, Grape, Sausage
7 Anko, Chocolate, Strawberry Jam, Tofu, Yamatai Sake
10 Thin Fried Tofu
15 Eclair, Fried Egg, Gratin, Rice Ball
18 Broiled Fish, Miso Soup
21 Fruit Salad
27 Yakitori
30 Croquette
180 Parfait

Note: There may be more items that I didn't tested on her yet, so if you used anything that does not appear on the list please send me a message or put it in yourself.

Affection Needed: Gift:
10 Seed of Spirit
100 Magic Orb
500 Chaotic Eyepatch
2000 Heavy Ring


Note: To be added in the future

World Interactions

Note: To be added in the future

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