Domaimer is one of the Unfortunate Friends. She can be found on Lemuse Beach.


Luka finds her on the beach, trying to make her way to the water, but to no avail. Luka is confused, but Amira recognises her and asks if she wants to come with them. Sonya remarks on her unfortunate condition, but Ilias replies that they're called the Unfortunate Friends for a reason. Domaimer will join you, in the hopes of finding water in the Pocket Castle.

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:


With Amira:

Domaimer: "W... water..."

Amira: "M... money..."

Domaimer: "Water... Ugh!"

Amira: "Money... Ugh!"

Domaimer: "Are you mocking me?"

Amira: "Whoa! You can talk?!"

With Pyhar:

Pyhar: "Oh my, are you doing well Domaimer? ♪"

Domaimer: "W...water..."

Pyhar: "(Speaking of fish, I could really go for some sushi...)"

Domaimer: "(I want some yakitori...)"

With Meia:

Domaimer: "W... water..."

Meia: "Oh, you're a pretty unusual mermaid. All right, here's some water."

Domaimer: "My savior! Allow me to invite you to Oz."

Meia: "Oh, but I can't wear any ruby slippers..."

Sonya: "(Bunch of comedians we've got here...)"