Marion is a friendly Dark Elf Mage. She can join you after a battle.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Marion: "My tentacles are lively today. Care to double check? Fufufuu."

With Lona:

Marion: "I see you are diligently training your sword skills, as usual. You're a dark elf, you should be drowning in your own desires."

Lona: "But my skills dull if I don't train."

Marion: "Are those really the words of someone who fell to darkness? Are you sure you're not just an elf with a good tan?"

Lona: "Well I just woke up! I'm not going to immediately fuck someone!"

Sonya: "(The world of dark elves has it's own hardships...)"

With Claudia:

Claudia: "Hmph, if it isn't a fallen elf. To have such a body... How disgraceful."

Marion: "Do you want to try falling with this tentacle too?"

Claudia: "N-No way... Tentacles in every hole... No way... I... Ahh, stop..."

Marion: "You're actually falling?"

With Julia:

Julia: "Oh, we're the same? Did Lily give you power too?"

Marion: "No... But summoning tentacles should follow the same basic principle. My body was used as a catalyst to assimilate with a tentacle."

Julia: "In other words, you are basically a worm elf."

Marion: "And you are a dark human... The naming could be better."

Grandeur Theater



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