Dark Elf Mage
Dark Elf Mage
ダークエルフ (召喚)   (Dāku Erufu (Shōkan))
Dark Elf Fencer Leech Girl →
Level: 8
HP (Normal): 185
Experience: 60
Skills: Tentacle Caress, Tentacle Bind, Bound Tentacle Caress, Tentacle Drain
Area: En route to Enrika
Appears in: Chapter 1
Artist: Delphinus

The Dark Elf Mage is an elven monster that patrols Enrika. Like the Dark Elf Fencer fought before her, she is an elf who has given herself totally to corruption. The full extent of her magical abilities aren't exactly known, but she can summon tentacles from an unknown source and bonds with them to absorb any semen they extract.

Like the Dark Elf Fencer before her, she shrinks after being sealed by Luka.

Monsterpedia Entry

“An Elf who has fallen to corruption, she uses her power to summon tentacles and fuses them with her own body in order to feed on her prey.

When she finds a man she likes, she will use her summoned tentacles to wrap around his body and seal his movement. Like that, she will wrap her tentacles around his genitals and suck out his semen, it is not possible to resist her. The tentacles secrete a special mucus as it completely wraps around the male's penis, forcing her prey to ejaculate many times.

Once caught, there is no chance to escape. Her prey's semen will be sucked until his death.”


  • Tentacle Caress: Normal attack, will trigger tentacle bukkake on losing.
  • *Tentacle Bind: Triggers bind status and causes damage.
  • Bound Tentacle Caress: Binded attack.
  • Tentacle Drain: Binded attack with drain properties.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

Much like the battle before, remain on the offensive and aim to finish the battle as quickly as possible. Enter with Demon Decapitation and just keep attacking to regain SP and use it again. She should fall relatively quickly, but her main trump card is her bind. Apart from being unable to attack and using up turns Struggling to break free, she can also heal herself by using Tentacle Drain to drain health.

If Luka succumbs, she will use her tentacles to strip him, then bringing him to climax by wrapping one of them around his crotch before wrapping him up in her appendages and bringing him to his death by sucking out all of his semen and energy.


“Were you satisfied having all your energy taken by that tentacle? If you are restrained, the monster shall absorb your energy. Not only will you be injured, but she will recover. You must escape immediately. Like the last fight, you must end this quickly... Now go, oh brave Luka. I am always watching over you...”


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