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Crab Girl, or Soap as a companion, is a monster in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox

Monsterpedia Entry

“An aquatic based monster, she appears mainly on beaches. Protected by her powerful shell, she uses her claws to hold down her prey. An extreme neat-freak, she has a fanatical obsession with keeping her catch clean. Therefore, after catching a man, she will carefully clean him. Carefully scrubbing and cleaning the man’s genitals, it’s said that the pleasure is addictive. Each ejaculation causes the Crab Girl to have to start washing all over, entering into an almost endless loop. In addition, the semen that covers her hands is used for food. Moreover if her catch is of high quality, it’s said that she will mate after the cleaning has finished. Even through the washing brings the male close to death, the Crab Girl will release her catch.

She is known to be extremely vengeful if made into an enemy."


  • Attack-Normal Attack, One Enemy
  • Scissors-Physical Attack, One Enemy
  • Water Bullet-Magical Attack, One Enemy, Water Attribute
  • Bubble Wash-Pleasure Attack, Target:Female, Slime 75%
  • Bubble Handjob-Pleasure Attack, Target:Luka, Slime 75%
  • Embrace-Bind, Target:Luka, Three Turns Break
  • Melty Wash (F)-Pleasure Attack, Target:Female, Bind 50%, Slime 75%, Trance 50%
  • Melty Wash (M)-Rape, Slime 75%, Trance 50%


She can bind you and inflict several status ailments. That's all. Just attack her with Lightning and Earth and, if bound, struggle.


Translation Pending

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