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Cecil’s Adventure is a Side Story created by D-Gate. It features a young human female knight named Cecil, on a quest that involves fighting various voracious monsters.

Download link can be found here. If the mod is used with the bugfix MGQ3 patch, it is suggested to edit all story.ini files, as there is no need for ideographic spaces/end of line spaces anymore.


The story begins in the Kingdom of Lant. A young knight named Cecil stands before her queen, to be sent on a quest. Monsters are increasing in numbers, attacking villages, and stealing men. However, lately women have been taken as well, and are still missing. The queen has sent male soldiers to attack their stronghold, but seeing how males are obviously and easily seduced, she sends Cecil to kill the leader of the monsters.

Reaching the Night Fog Forest, Cecil attempts to enter, but is stopped by an invisible barrier. Alma Elma appears and reveals that barrier blocks anyone who is a baptized Hero of Goddess Ilias from entering. In order to get inside, Alma Elma playfully makes a bet with the knight: she will unbless Cecil and allow her to enter. If she conquers the Night Fog Forest’s queen, she wins and Alma will withdraw. However, if she runs out of energy in the middle, she belongs to the succubus.

Traveling through the forest, she encounters many voracious monsters: Swamp Leech, Alra Nepenthes, and Cybele. Eventually she makes it to the lair of the queen, a horrible monster known as Satania, who captures women, cocoons them, and turns them into monsters.

After defeating Satania, Cecil continues her quest, going to a far off land to seek a hero defeating monsters one after another. To do so, she makes another deal with Alma Elma: in exchange for being protected on her way to the Monster Lord, she will defeat the evil monsters for Alma Elma.



Cecil is the main protagonist of this spin-off story. She is a girl of undetermined age, although her sprite and Luka’s are quite identical. She serves as a knight of the Kingdom of Lant, under the North Lant Queen. Unlike Luka, Cecil has received blessings from Goddess Ilias and is therefore a hero, as thus she has no qualms about killing monsters. However, to be able to progress she has to give up her baptismal protection, thus making her again almost like Luka on his travels.

Swamp Leech


Attack: Normal attack.

Water Gun: Normal attack.

Greedy Swallow: Triggers bind status.

Suction: Binding attack that damages twice.

Wait: Stance attack that forces a counter attack if attacked while it’s in effect.

Greedy Swallow: Counter attack with drain properties.

Battle Overview

The Swamp Leech is a fairly standard enemy, but she does have a couple of tricks to be wary of. The first is her Wait, which requires Cecil to Wait or Guard for three turns; attempting to attack her will result in her using her second Greedy Swallow attack and drain Cecil’s HP. The “normal” version of Greedy Swallow is a bind that takes two turns to Struggle out of and takes out a bit less than half of Cecil’s HP through Suction.

Should Cecil succumb to the Swamp Leech’s attacks, she will be swallowed whole and digested.

Alra Nepenthes

If Cecil succumbs to Alra Nepenthus, she will be placed the monster's pitcher, and be digested while breathing in the plant's aromatic scents.


If Cecil succumbs to Cybele, Cecil is first shown covered in thick purple liquid. She is then engulfed by Cybele's tail, and then be drained while being digested.


If Cecil loses to Satania, she will be swallowed by Satania's abdomen before being cocooned and reborn as a Moth Girl, after which she displays a complete transformation of character, becoming a fully fledged monster herself. An extra scene is also available where Luka loses to Satania before Cecil rapes him, before they are joined by Satania and other moth girls in an endless orgy.


If Cecil succumbs to Scylla, she is first swallowed by a dragons mouth, and be digested in Scylla's stomach.


Cecil has two defeats in this one. The first is obviously like those shown earlier, the ssecond requires

Cecil to be defeated by Charybdis' Breasts. This one depicts Cecil succumbing to Charybdis' breasts and as at the end it says that she is never seen again.


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