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Remina (レミナ Remina?) was a city within Hellgondo. It was a well known place where humans and monsters coexisted in an incredibly balanced fashion.

However, thirty years ago, it was under siege in an infamous event known as the “Slaughter of Remina”, where a massacre took place killing both races. Humans believed that monsters killed the humans, although there are some stories of monster deaths. Additionally, corpses of both races lay afloat near Gold Port. In actuality, Goddess Ilias was the cause of this event, deploying her angelic forces while aided by Promestein’s chimeras. In present day, only chimeras inhabit the area and angel feathers can still be found amongst the ruins, a bare clue to what really happened.


Chapter 2

Alice was curious about the events of the Slaughter of Remina, and has Luka travel there with her once they reach Hellgondo. At the barren place, they find both corpses and remains of humans and monsters.
Just then, a Chimera Beast shows up and attacks both Luka and Alice, feeling that it is just the same as the Chimera Dryad. A second Chimera Beast shows up, followed by hundreds surrounding them. Alice attacks the second Beast and leaves to kick ass while Luka fights the one left with him. He manages to seal the beast, however unlike other monsters the Chimera Beast dissolves into shreds of loose meat until a bloodied tiger is left.
Wondering what the hell is going on, Luka heads deeper into the ruined city while searching for Alice, coming across many deceased chimera corpses slain by the Monster Lord. He spots Promestein, who quickly disappears. He wonders if she survived the Slaughter of Remina, but realizes she may had been involved with the destruction.

A Chimera Dryad Vore attacks afterward, far more powerful than its predecessor. Luka manages to seal it after a long fight. After the battle, he discovers a feather, which according to a bloodied Alice belonged to an angel. She tells him it is time to leave, as staying around won’t indulge any more answers.

Chapter 3

After Promestein attacks the Monster Lord’s Castle under Ilias's orders, seals Luka's elemental powers and causes Alice to disappear, and calls for retreat, Luka chases after her and suspects that she retreated to Remina. There, he meets a strange girl who reveals to him a hidden passage before mysteriously vanishing. In the hidden laboratory, Luka discovers bizarre chimera experiments, most of which are too afraid to combat Luka, but Experimental Organism S-2 and Experimental Organism A-3 confront him. He also discovers destruction across the lab, but finds it odd that it only up to his waist.

Deeper in the lab, Luka encounters Promestein as well as Alice in a younger-looking body. Promestein boasts her superiority over her weakened enemies and transforms into a seaweed-like monster before battle. Luka and Alice aren't doing so well in the fight until at the brink of death Luka somehow engages Serene Mind on his own and easily evades Promestein's attacks and defeats her, much to her shock.

The defeated Promestein refuses to tell Alice how to undo the seal put on her and then attempts to inject herself with a dark, eerie drug, but is stopped by the strange girl from earlier. She tells Promestein it is too early to use the White Rabbit before teleporting her away, and then turns to Luka and Alice and her aura alone confirms that she is none other than Black Alice, and also tells them about Ilias's assault all over the world before leaving. The two are bewildered by the turn of events before they search the laboratory and discover silver discs that recorded data through some sort of code, but there are too many and deciphering them would take a lot of time. Tamamo then crashes through the roof, and reports that Ilias's forces are already attacking, including Luka's hometown, Ilias Village. Horrified, Luka and Alice immediately leave on Galda, ignoring Tamamo's warning.

As Luka and Alice travel the world again, Tamamo and her band of kitsunes decipher the discs. Once Luka and Alice return to the Monster Lord’s Castle, Tamamo reveals to them the barrier used to seal the elements is located at Four Towers, and Promestein has a secret laboratory, the Drain Lab, under Fairy’s Island, but unfortunately the discs hold no information as to Alice's seal.


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