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Creating a side story, running into a snag part way through and aren't really sure what to do next? Well, you could look at the side story creation page and figure it out from there (which, don't get me wrong, is pretty straight forward) or you could look at a quick reference section instead!

So what makes it a quick reference exactly..? Well, that's a good question. In these cases, the initial pages linked are actual side stories in various states of development. Each command (used for the first time) is referenced with a reference tag, you can click it and it describes how that command works. Also, you can look at the structure used for that particular story. The intention of the first story put in here is to use every command available to side story developers as of Monster Girl Quest 3, so anything you want to do will be covered within it.

Again, why is it quick? Well, it's actually faster to look at the Making a Side Story page, however this way you can see how it works when you put it all together. :)

Kain McBride (talk)

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