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Port Natalia

Port Natalia (ナタリアポート Nataria Pōto?) is the first area of Sentora encountered by Luka after taking a ship from Iliasport. It’s most notable difference from the previous continent being that mermaids are also classed as citizens, one serves questionable food from her stall, another hires Luka for a quest later in the game and the town also features a mermaid’s pub.

It is also here that Luka first comes across Lazarus, no doubt the cause of the explosion that decimated a school.

Aside from some short storyline advancement, the place is only touched on briefly before moving on to the main area of San Ilia, however it's also a fairly important area as it holds an item needed for the Hero’s Proof side-quest, is visited a second time for a simple quest and a third time in Chapter 2 to retrieve Kraken’s Blue Orb.

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