The Next Dolls are five masterpiece Chimera of Promestein, built specifically to defeat the Four Heavenly Knights and were also secretly designed to combat the Angels in their master's plan to rebel against Goddess Ilias.

Their identities are:

  • Hainuwele: Focusing on speed and agility, her insanely fast speed outmatches Alma Elma's and her brain was wired to be immune to the succubus's pleasure attacks.
  • Amphisbaena: Using vibration attacks and armor, she is meant to destroy slime cells and thus counters Erubetie.
  • Tsukuyomi: Built directly from Tamamo's cellular structure and thus having naturally inherited her earth magic, she is made to counter the kitsune/animal queen.
  • Arc-En-Ciel: Armed with immense physical offense and defense, she is made to be stronger than Granberia.
  • Rapunzel: She is actually not engineered to counter any Heavenly Knight, but made to breed and create more Next Dolls.

Built from extremely advanced technology as well as Promestein's knowledge on the Four Heavenly Knights and in one case; their DNA, these specialized chimera are meant to counter the Four Heavenly Knights in every way. The Next Dolls even boast their superiority over them, claiming to be their next generation. However, the Next Dolls still have notable debilitating weaknesses, and a single Next Doll is unlikely to be able to counter all four.

Despite being mentioned to be built to fight angels, it is unknown how the Next Dolls are capable of bypassing their immunity to non-holy power attacks. However, Black Alice is shown (off-screen) attacking a fearful Cupid.

In the end, however, the Next Dolls are still defeated by their "inferior" counterparts, using their hidden secrets and/or exploiting the Next Dolls' weaknesses. It is heavily implied by Tamamo and Tsukuyomi that Promestein already knew the Heavenly Knight's secret abilities but intentionally neglected to program them with that data, leaving the Next Dolls to be simply sacrificed in part of Promestein's plan of leaving Humanity as her successor. She does express some surprise at losing all of them, however, and it is unknown how the Next Dolls' reproductive abilities factored in her plans.

Interestingly, Rapunzel is the only one of the Next Dolls shown to be actively using any of the Artificial Spirits, despite them being Promestein's top chimera.

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