Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Entries located in Hellgondo

Entries located in Ilias (Continent)

Entries located in Natalia, on Sentora

Entries located in Safina, on Sentora

Entries located in Noah, on Sentora

Entries located in Gold, on Sentora

Entries located in Drain Lab, Biolabs & Sealed Sinner’s Prison

Entries located in Navel of the World & Ivory Tower

Entries located in Heaven

Special Entries
(English translation only). Doppelganger's entry is unlocked by integrating Chapter 2 into Chapter 3 & importing Chapter 2's save with Chapter 2's Monsterpedia completed. It can be accessed through an isolated white dot at the bottom of the extras selection screen. Only her battle can be accessed through her entry.


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