A harpy is a bird-like humanoid creature. As a result of their physiology, harpies possess wings and are capable of flight. Though there are various types of harpies, they generally share the same cheerful behavior and mating desires. Harpies usually live together and have a strong sense of community, often having siblings and even sharing their mate. Currently, the general harpy population resides in Happiness Village under the rule and guidance of their queen.

Harpies generally sport brown feathers from the waist down with feathery wing-like ears and some form of downy feathers covering the breasts of younger individuals. It also seems that royal harpies have a much more colorful plumage to communicate their status within the group.

Oddly, the harpies of Happiness Village are shown wielding spears and bows, despite the lack of hands (Siren is the only harpy in the game that has hands). In addition to their weaponry, harpies are capable of producing powerful gusts of wind.

Seeking to reproduce, they snatch up suitable men and carry them away to their nests to forcibly marry them. A man forced to marry a harpy will be unable to rest, and will spend almost all their time in intercourse with the harpy.
This is not a bad fate in itself as harpies also take good care of their chosen husbands, providing highly nutritious food that gives them the stamina and energy to keep up with their new lifestyle. This also enables older husbands to feel and act much younger.
Overall, harpies seem content to coexist with humans and as such work with the villagers in Happiness Village, albeit with complications due to extended families.

Although they seek to mate with humans and coexist with them, they were previously known to be very war-like. Their previous queen was known to be a ruthless warrior who constantly waged war around Ilias Continent, and a Cursed Sword user named Desureia was nicknamed the "Death on Wings" due to her favoring the Demon Skull Beheading skill.

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