Grand Noah (Day)

Grand Noah (グランドノア Gurando Noa?) is a kingdom within the Noah region of Sentora. Being closer to the north; the relationship between monsters and humans is less strained than down south, in fact various monsters make a living by selling their wares in a local market with an Elf owning a Tool Shop, a Minotauros selling her milk, an Alraune selling flowers and a Tarantula Girl trying to pass herself off as a Spider Girl in some form of clothing business. A Slime Girl as well as a Harpy also lives in Grand Noah as citizens while a Dullahan serves as a member of the guard. Additionally, a human male owning the Weapon Shop sells armor only for monsters. It is here that Alice spots a matching tail ribbon in a display of monster accessories in the Tool Shop, and after drawing his attention to it, Luka buys it for her.

The main draw of the city is its massive Colosseum that draws in crowds to see fights take place. Originally it was a place for human warriors to battle, however by the time Luka arrives the only serious battles are between monsters, while the human men, unable (or unwilling) to fight back seriously end up getting raped. However, with the fights being a public display there is rarely a case of people being raped to death, though men usually become addicted to the pleasure and return to “fight” over and over again. Another regular face is Kyuba, which is actually a pseudonym for Alma Elma, who comes to fight for fun and to have her fix of men, both of which she loves so much; she also had admitted to hate seeing the Colosseum go away.

With the Colosseum mainly drawing men to get their fix of monster sex and the women wanting to watch the men be oppressed by the monsters, the place has become a mere venue for sex shows, much to the dismay of the Queen of Grand Noah who wants to restore it to its original honorable use.

With Luka’s help, he partakes in the Queen’s Cup, a hosted tournament taking place within the Colosseum. Overcoming a Dullahan followed by multiple unmentioned opponents weaker than the Dullahan and the Cerberus in the semifinals, he wins the Green Orb and earns back the Colosseum’s former respect after “Kyuba” surrenders to him in the finals.

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