Gold Port Streets
Location of Succubus Village on map

Location of Gold Port on map of Gold Region.

Located at the northernmost tip of Sentora, Gold Port (ゴルドポート) is the last vestige of human control and civilization before the Hellgondo continent since the destruction of Remina 30 years prior to the events of the game.

Once, Gold Port served as a point of entry into Hellgondo, with the Garuda Girls picking up passengers on boats and bringing them over the high sea cliffs that prevent all other forms of transportation into Hellgondo.

It is worth noting that the Ilias Kreuz have their headquarters located here.

The three sages are located here, each one requesting the Jewel of Friendship, Jewel of Fortune, and Jewel of Victory in exchange for the Hero’s Proof. This was a trial given by the San Ilia King, who will only then bestow the hero the Goddess Sword.

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