Captain Selene’s Ship was the ship owned by the famed pirate Selene. However, 50 years prior, Selene and her crew met her demise upon opening a treasure known as the Calamity Box, which housed the Beelzebubs who threatened to take over the world, but before she perished she used another treasure, the Jewel of The Rotten World, to create a barrier that kept the unsealed monsters at bay. One specific treasure also remained on the ship: the Purple Orb. The ship is stationed west of Gold Port, about a week of traveling distance. Because Selene was full of guilt for accidentally releasing the evil monsters, she could not move on and her ghost resides in Gold Port, under the alias of Selene's granddaughter Selena, in search of someone who could defeat the Beelzebubs and liberate her spirit.

Luka and Alice, who was searching for the Purple Orb in order to awake the Garuda Girl, runs into Selena. She tells him that she wants to close the Calamity Box, without giving the full details of what actually happened, and tells him that he will receive the Purple Orb in return. They agree, and he sets sail along with Selena and her crew.
Upon arrival at the ship, Alice senses the barrier put up and tells Luka that it isn't to keep people out, but to keep something in. Selena explains to them of what Selene did to keep the evil in, to which Luka finds suspicious of her knowing too much. Their conversation is then interrupted by Starfish Girl, who accidentally wandered into the barrier and was unable to escape.
Inside the ship, Alice discovers Selene's ghost, but is too frightened to tell Luka. Selena appears and tells Luka that the Calamity Box is in the captain's cabin and reveals that it housed a monster and tells him he must stop it before mysteriously vanishing. Luka drags Alice in the cabin and finds the three Beelzebubs waiting for him, and Alice explains their origin. Luka fights them first while Alice recovers from her shivering, but when he defeats the first Beelzebub, the remaining two begin to radiate power. Alice then steps in and fights alongside Luka, and kills the other two monsters.
With the issue dealt with, Luka claims the Purple Orb and leaves the ship, where Selena reveals the truth behind her identity and thanks him before she and her crew vanishes, and the ship they came on magically sails back to Gold Port on its own as if it were controlled by Selene's invisible power.

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