Azi Dahaka is a monster briefly seen in Part 1 of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox before making her first real appearance in Part 2.


Azi Dahaka is part of the Black Alice faction. She shows up late into the second part of Paradox after Luka and party defeat Queen Alraune.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A legendary evil dragon that existed in ancient times. The strength of snake and dragon monsters flows through her body, granting her tremendous power. She also has excellent magical power and is particularly skilled with demon eye techniques. With the help of Black Alice, she has been returned to this world for the first time in hundreds of years. Following her orders, she has brainwashed Queen Alraune and the plant monsters in the World Tree.

She has a brutal personality, and enjoys tormenting defeated challengers. In addition to using the snakes on her body to caress the man’s penis, she may force him into the vagina of her large body. Once inserted into Azi Dahaka, the man will taste intense pleasure as his semen is drained by her vagina. This harsh mating will continue until the man is exhausted.”


  • Attack
  • Twin Ice Fang
  • Vermilion Fang
  • Snake Body Strike
  • Inferno Breath
  • 凍える吹雪
  • 破滅の蛇舌
  • 破滅の蛇舌
  • Lamia Coil
  • Construct



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  • Azi Dahaka is a figure from Persian Mythology.
  • Her race is Dragon if her somewhat bizarre appearance wasn't indicative of that.