Archangel Ranael is a high ranking Angel, who appears in Monster Girl Quest and Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.

This Ranael seems to be relatively the same to her counterpart in the original trilogy.

Trying to talk to her in battle will result in her saying, “I do not speak with sinners who have turned against the Goddess” and nothing more.

Monsterpedia Entry

“An angel of the eighth circle (Archangel), her role is executing Heaven’s divine punishment. Having a very harsh nature, she cruelly kills her opponents with her various body parts.

Though she has various biological and plant parts, they are a result of her divine aura assimilating surrounding beings with her, and not an artificial construct. Although despite being able to assimilate with other beings, the most effective way of regaining her energy is through male semen. Therefore when she executes her punishment on human males, she always makes sure to squeeze them dry first.”


  • Tentacle Blast – Physical Attack, All Enemies, 400+ Dmg


Like Principality Nagael, Archangel Ranael has only one attack, but it is an incredibly powerful one. It hits the entire party and can deal anywhere from 300-450+ damage. Kill her as quickly as possible by using powerful attacks or avoiding her altogether is the best option.


“Somethings off about this Ranael… She isn’t the same as the Ranael I made… ….sorry but there are a few little things that bother me about her. Let us resume the evaluation. You are better off not fighting that Ranael. Avoid encountering her altogether. As a proud Angel, she hates bare soil. So if you pay attention to where you are walking, you should avoid a confrontation. Now go, oh brave Luka. By the way, I cannot get a fix on your location. Where in the world are you?”