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Arachne Lord


Story order
Tsuchigumo Spider Princess →
Level: 59
HP (Normal): 20000
Experience: 200000
Skills: Arachne Fellatio, Arachne Bust, Arachne Spinnerette, Arachne Dribble, Arachne Ruin, Summon Earth Spirit, Summon Wind Spirit
Area: Grangold
Appears in: Chapter 3
Artist: frfr

Arachne Lord is one of the high-ranking spiders attacking in Grangold. A capable user of magic, she can trap her victims in an alternative dimension, similar to Tsuchigumo.

Monsterpedia EntryEdit

“A spider monster serving the Spider Princess. One of the most influential of the Arcahne family, her ability was on full display in the assault on Grangold. Using her superior physical agility, she defeated swarms of enemies in one fell swoop. Her victims in the battle of Grangold alone tally over three hundred.

Without exception, members of the Arachne family are cold blooded and ruthless. Regardless of race and gender, she will forcefully entrap them in her web, and suck her prey dry. Other monsters greatly dislike members of the Arachne family for their indiscriminate feeding habits.”


Arachne Fellatio: Normal Attack.

Arachne Bust: Normal Attack.

Arachne Spinnerette: Normal Attack.

*Wind Spirit Summon: Causes attacks to hit 3 times. Lasts 4 turns.

*Arachne Web: Binding Attack.

Arachne Dibble: Binded Attack.

Arachne Ruin: Binded Attack. One-hit KO via instant follow-up. This skill isn't used if Zylphe is summoned. Serene Mind allows you to avoid this skill.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle OverviewEdit

Lead off with Daystar, then Gnome.  User normal attacks until you are bound; struggle out, then summon Salamander (no risk of consecutive binds), Daystar again, and finish her off as you choose.  Alternatively, Daystar - Salamander - Daystar is possible, though this runs the risk of a long bind on the second turn, and also of missing Daystar due to her summoning Zylphe.  Meanwhile, Alice's offensive skills are not effective against her.

No matter what, it's still possible for her to unavoidably defeat you on Hard, as she can use Arachne Ruin to defeat you the first turn in her bind; even with Gnome, you won't always escape fast enough, and there's no sure-fire way to avoid her bind in the first place.

After being defeated, Arachne Lord will catch Luka in her spider web and rape him with her spider vagina until his death. Additionally, if you lose to Arachne Ruin, she will continue to use it for a while before the rape scene starts.


“Have you heard the tale of The Spider’s Thread? If you have, I bet you were too focused on the spider’s thread to understand the rest of the story… The Arachne has an instant kill move she can use when you’re bound. You can’t break loose right away, even with Gnome, so it’s particularly dangerous. You can avoid it fully with a serene state, so be sure to keep it up. If she summons a spirit of wind, then you must counter it with Gnome. Like the last spider, the Monster Lord’s skills don’t do much damage. Recovery is a better use for her. If you’re defeated while caught in her web… Then you know what will probably happen. I am already disgusted, since I can tell you’re going to go see what happens. Now go, oh brave Luka. All spiders should be eradicated from the earth. Including every subspecies.”

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