"Ah, it is you, the hero Luka."

Amira, the Unfortunate Lamia returns in Paradox, and she still has no H-scenes. She is also the key to recruiting the Unfortunate Friends.


Luka and the party seek out Amira for information on the White Rabbit. After chasing her all over Iliasburg, they found out the Four Bandits kidnapped her.

After Luka and party defeat the four bandits, they find out the bandits didn't kidnap Amira intentionally. They stole a trash can, but they didn't know Amira was sleeping inside it, so they just dumped her on the side of a road. But, she can now be found outside the Sutherland Inn. Try to resist the urge to kill her.

She has information on the White Rabbit, but she wants 1500G for the information. She would like to help them for free, but her guild prohibits giving out information freely. Alternatively, you can undertake a side quest, and she will give the information for free. In any case, after Luka gets the information and finds the rabbit, the party can return to Amira and recruit her.

Note, if you just paid her for the information, you can talk to her in the Pocket Castle after recruiting her, she will give you the quest.

Side Quests

Come Find me, Hero: Amira wants Luka to search for her in each town you visit. In exchange, she will give you a variety of seeds.

Nameless Slums Trafficking: This is the quest which involves getting the information for free, instead of paying the 1500G.

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