Location Spoilers for Paradox Part 1.

This is a list of all locations of Seeds and Small Medals in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox Part 1. They are listed in order of appearance, assuming you follow the intended path of a first play through.

Note: If this is your first play through, some collectibles may give you trouble. Amira will give out six seeds for finding her fifteen times total but you can't recruit her until a couple hours in so you might have to backtrack a bit to complete her quest. Also, some bosses are quite difficult even for high leveled characters so skip them or come back later with a solid plan.

1: Small Medal. Slime Village, First Chest Left of the Summit

SmallMedal Iliasville Slime Village

2: Small Medal. Iliasville, Male Farmer in Top Field

SmallMedal Iliasville

3: Mystery Nut from Storage Room in Iliasville, second barrel from the Imp

MysteryNut Iliasville Storage Room

4: Amira 1. Iliasville.

Amira Iliasville

5: Small Medal. Iliasburg, Barrel to the right of the Sutherland Inn

SmallMedal Iliasburg

6: Seed of Power from Tall Drawers in the bottom right room of the Sutherland Inn Top Floor.

SeedofPower Iliasburg Sutherland Inn 3F
7: Amira 2. Iliasburg. Seed of Knowledge.
Amira Iliasburg Sutherland Inn 3F

8: Small Medal. Nameless Slums, in the barrel behind the barkeep.

SmallMedal Nameless Slums Bar

9: Seed of Power from Store House in Nameslums, next to Don Dahlia’s House. Pot Furthest Left

SeedofPower Nameless Slums Don Dahlia's Store House

10: Amira 3. Nameless Slums.

Amira Nameless Slums

11: Amira 4. Pornof. Seed of Race

Amira Pornof

12: Seed of Power Pornof Mines, 1F, Right Chest

SeedofPower Pornof Mines 1F

13: Small Medal. First Tartarus Camp Far Left Chest

SmallMedal Tartarus (Southern Ilias Continent)

14: Seed of Magic from First Tartarus Second Layer Down, Right Chest

SeedofMagic Tartarus (Southern Ilias Continent) Layer 2

15: Small Medal. First Tartarus Layer 3 Top Left Chest

SmallMedal Tartarus (Southern Ilias Continent Region) Layer 3
16: Amira 5. Happiness Village.
Amira Happiness Village

17: Small Medal. Warp Shrine to Medal Queen, Top Left Chest

SmallMedal Warp Shrine

18: Mystery Nut from Mei-Lin’s house at the Warp Shrine

MysteryNut Warp Shrine (Mei-rin's House)

19: Small Medal. Midas Item Store Left Cabinet.

SmallMedal Midas Village Item Shop
20: Amira 6. Midas. Seed of Fortune
Amira Midas

21: Seed of Skill from Flora the Elderly Maid’s house in Midas, third pot from the door.

SeedofSkill Midas Old Maid's House

22: Seed of Defense from Midas Mine, Layer Two, Right Staircase, First Chest south on the right.

SeedofDefense Midas Mine B1F (Access through 1F Eastern Staircase)

23: Seed of Skill, Slug Tower First Floor, Chest Middle Right Room

SeedofSkill Slug Tower 1F

24: Small Medal. Slug Tower, Second Floor, Right Middle Chest

SmallMedal Slug tower 2F

25: Seed of Skill from Slug Queens

26: Small Medal. Rostrum Mountain Cave 3F

SmallMedal Path to Lostrum 3F

27: Seed of Agility from Rostrum Mountain Pass 3F

SeedofAgility Rostorm Mountain Pass 3F

28: Life Nut from Rostrum F1 Right Side of Mountain

LifeNut Path to Lostrum 1F (Leaving Mountain Path)

29: Small Medal. Rostrum Ruined Inn Cabinet

SmallMedal Lostrum Ruined Inn

30: Seed of Spirit from Second Tartarus, First Layer Bottom Left Chest

SeedofSpirit Tartarus (Eastern Ilias Continent) Layer 1

31: Mystery Nut from Second Tartarus Chaos Passage, 2nd Chest

MysteryNut Tartarus (Eastern Ilias Continent) Chaos Passage

32: Small Medal. Green Haired Man in Alternate Rostrum

SmallMedal Lostrum (Alternate)

33: Small Medal. Enrika Forest Northern Entrance Chest

SmallMedal Lost Woods

34: Small Medal. Enrika Inn Top Left Cabinet

SmallMedal Enrika Inn
35: Amira 7. Enrika.
Amira Enrika

36: Amira 8. Iliasport.

Amira Iliasport

37: Seed of Skill Treasure Cave BF1 Chest before Nanabi

SeedofSkill Iliasport Treasure Cave B1F

38: Small Medal. Treasure Cave Treasure Room First Chest on the Right

SmallMedal Iliasport Treasure Cave B1F

39: Seed of Fortune from Treasure Room in Treasure Room. Bottom Chest of the pair to the right.

SeedofFortune Iliasport Treasure Cave B1F

40: Seed of Magic from Beating Nanabi (2 if you beat her before Neris fight, she has reduced health)

41: Amira 9. Port Natalia. Seed of Promotion

Amira Port Natalia

42: Small Medal. Port Natalia Inn, middle barrel to the right

SmallMedal Nataliaport Inn

43: Seed of Agility from Port Natalia Middle Pot

SeedofAgility Natalia Port

44: Seed of Defense Natalia Coast. Bottom Chest on Middle Island

SeedofDefense Nataliaport Beach

45: Small Medal. Ocean Temple Bottom Left Chest to the Queen

SmallMedal Southern Sea Temple

46: Seed of Knowledge Meia’s House Top Barrel to the right (Complete her quest first for access)

SeedofKnowledge Nataliaport Meia's House (Accessible only after completing Meia's quest)
46.5 (Missing Small Medal) Sailor in Port Natalia. Must complete Meia's Quest first.
SmallMedal Port Natalia Sailor
47: Seed of Power. San Ilia, right of main entrance. Pot next to sailor.
SeedofPower San Ilia

48: Seed of Defense San Ilia Inn Second Floor, Top Pot in the room with the four adventurer girls

SeedofDefense San Ilia Inn 2F

49: Small Medal. San Ilia Blacksmith, Cabinet in the Back

SmallMedal San Ilia Blacksmith
50: Amira 10. San Ilia.
Amira San Ilia

51: Seed of Knowledge San Ilia Knight Room Top Right Pot

SeedofKnowledge San Ilia Castle Barracks

52: Small Medal. San Ilia Library 3F Top Right

SmallMedal San Ilia Underground Library Area 2

53: Seed of Magic San Ilia Library Area 2, Chest Closest to Book 65537

SeedofMagic San Ilia Underground Library Area 2-0

54: Seed of Spirit from Book 365537

55: Small Medal. Luddite Village Open Barrel, above middle left field

SmallMedal Luddite Village

56: Life Nut. Luddite Village Item Shop. Pot next to merchant.

LifeNut Luddite Village Item Shop

57: Seed of Race Luddite Village Second Floor Cabinet of Northernmost House

SeedofRace Luddite Village Northernmost house 2F

58: Seed of Fortune Tunnel to Ancient Temple, Keep Heading North until chest

SeedofFortune Luddite Village Tunnel to Ancient Temple Ruins

59: Small Medal. Ancient Temple BF1 Bottom Right Chest

SmallMedal Ancient Temple Ruins B1F

60: Seed of Spirit Ancient Temple 1F. Path from BF1 Stair Case to 2F staircase

SeedofSpirit Ancient Temple Ruins 1F

61: Small Medal. Haunted Manor Living Room, right of the main room. In the small chest.

SmallMedal Haunted Manor 1F East Room

62: Seed of Magic Haunted Manor Second Floor Northern Corridor

SeedofMagic Haunted Mansion 2F Northern Corridor

63: Seed of Fortune Haunted Manor Secret Room Top Right Bloody Cabinet

SeedofFortune Haunted Manor 3F Secret Room

64: Seed of Knowledge Haunted Manor Basement Bottom most Left Barrel

SeedofKnowledge Haunted Mansion B1F

65: Seed of Magic from Fairy on the bridge in Sylph Forest. Prerequisite?

SeedofMagic Forest of Spirits

66: Small Medal. Sylph Forest Northernmost Chest

SmallMedal Forest of the Spirits

67: Seed of Agility Sylph Forest, Middle North most Chest

SeedofAgility Forest of the Spirits
68: Amira 11. Monte Carlo.
Amira Monte Carlo

69: Small Medal. Leader of the Informants in Monte Carlo

SmallMedal Monte Carlo Informant Headquarters 2F Boss

70: Seed of Race in Monte Carlo, barrel next to the leader of the Informants.

SeedofRace Monte Carlo Informant Headquarters 2F

71: Small Medal. Monte Carlo, Info Broker HQ Top Floor, Right Most Cabinet

SmallMedal Monte Carlo Informant Headquarters 2F

72: Small Medal. Monte Carlo Desert, Middle Red Chest

SmallMedal Monte Carlo Hill

73: Seed of Defense in Monte Carlo Desert, Top Right Red Chest

SeedofDefense Monte Carlo Desert

74: Seed of Fortune in Rubiana, Top Most House Left Pot at the Top

SeedofFortune Rubiana Northernmost House

75: Small Medal. Rubiana Inn bottom left cabinet

SmallMedal Rubiana Inn

76: Life Nut Seeker’s Cave BF1 Bottom Left Chest

LifeNut Seeker's Cave B1F

77: Amira 12. Sabasa. Seed of Lineage

Amira Sabasa
78: Seed of Agility from Saran’s House in Sabasa. Top Barrel in the cluster to the right of the door.
SeedofAgility Sabasa Saran's House

79: Small Medal. Sabasa, Chest on the second floor balcony of the church

SmallMedal Sabasa Church Balcony

80: Seed of Power from Cluster of Pots across bridge from Saran’s house, second pot from the bottom.

SeedofPower Sabasa

81: Seed of Skill from Sabasa Oasis, Top Left Chest

SeedofSkill Sabasa Oasis

82: Small Medal. Sabasa Oasis, Top Right Chest

SmallMedal Sabasa Oasis

83: Life Nut from Pyramid, 1F Top Right Chest

LifeNut Pyramid 1F

84: Small Medal. Sabasa Pyramid, 2F Top Left Chest

SmallMedal Pyramid 2F

85: Small Medal. Sabasa Pyramid 3F Chest accessed by 2F Top Right Staircase

SmallMedal Sabasa Pyramid 3F (Accessed from 2F Northern Staircase)

86: Mystery Nut from Defeating Sphinx

87: Seed of Knowledge from Sabasa Castle 2F First Cabinet in Queen’s bed chambers

SeedofKnowledge Sabasa Castle 2F

88: Seed of Magic from Defeating Sara

89: Seed of Skill from Defeating Astaroth

90: Seed of Race can be found in the Right Half of the Grandeur market place, in a barrel between the young girl’s stand full of potato and the old woman selling vegetables

SeedofRace Grandoll

91: Seed of Skill from Defeating Saki

91.5:Small Medal: After you defeat Saki go back to Sabasa Inn, in the second floor chat with the vampire.

92: 3 Small Medals from Grandeur Theater for showing Mimic and Honey Pot. 4th Group, Third from bottom. Note: You must have received the Saki Pass from Saki at 100 Affection, brought her to the Theater Manager and recruited Minelli the Mimic and Honey the Honey Pot.

93: Seed of Agility from Grandeur Theater Kitchen Pot Directly Beside Line of Pots

SeedofAgility Grandoll Theater

94: Small Medal. Grandeur Mob Boss Mansion 1F Second Cabinet to the Right and man with the kitty

SmallMedal Grandoll Mansion 1F
95: Amira 13. Grandeur
Amira Grandoll

96: Small Medal. Witch Hunt Village, First house on the left, Cabinet in top right corner

SmallMedal Witchhunt Village First House on Left

97: Seed of Magic from Witch Hunt Village Item Store, one of the two pots, top right of room.

SeedofMagic Witchhunt Village Item Shop
98: Amira 14. Witch Hunt.
Amira Witch Hunt Village

99: Mystery Nut from Lily’s Mansion 1F (West Wing) Pot Top Right

MysteryNut Witchhunt Village Lily's Mansion 1F (West Wing)

100: Seed of Fortune from Lily’s Mansion 1F (East Wing) First Drawers Top Right

SeedofFortune Witchhunt Village Lily's Mansion 1F (East Wing)

101: Small Medal. Lily’s Mansion 1F (East Wing) Bottom Right Chest

SmallMedal Witchhunt Village Lily's Mansion 1F (East Wing)

102: Seed of Knowledge from Lily’s Mansion 2F, Middle Pot in the Room south of Stairs

SeedofKnowledge Witchhunt Village Lily's Mansion 2F

103: Small Medal. Tower of Magic 3F, Chest directly left of 2F stairs. Accessed from Eastern Stairs on 1F.

SmallMedal Tower of Magic 3F (Access from 1F Eastern Stairs)

104: Mystery Nut from Tower of Magic 4F. Keep Taking the eastern stair cases until 4F, it’s the bottom most chest.

MysteryNut Witchhunt Village Tower of Magic 4F (Access through 1F Eastern Staircase)

105: Seed of Magic from Defeating either Lily or Lucia

106: Seed of Defense from Safaru Ruins Area 2F, accessed through 1F Eastern Path. Middle Red Chest inside Ruined Temple

SeedofDefense Safaru Ruins 2F (Access through Eastern Path from 1F)

107: Small Medal. Safaru Ruins 3F Red Chest Directly West of Entrance

SmallMedal Safaru Ruins 3F

108: Small Medal. Salon Hill, South East Chest. Save Mimi near Oasis while here, just talk to her.

SmallMedal Salon Hill

109: Small Medal. Green Haired man at the entrance of Salon, must save Mimi from Salon Hill first

SmallMedal Salon

110: Seed of Race from Salon Blacksmith Second Drawer from Oran

SeedofRace Salon Blacksmith

111: Small Medal. Salon Elder’s House Drawers behind them

SmallMedal Salon Elder's House
112: Amira 15. Salon. Angel Seed.
Amira Salon

113: Small Medal. Lizard Bandit’s Cave B1F, South Stairs then Western Chest

SmallMedal Salon Abandoned Mines B1F

114: Seed of Power from Lizard Bandit’s Cave BF1. From 1F take south then east path and then go down stairs. Seed of Power in Barrel North East Part of the Room, little bit north of storeroom.

SeedofPower Salon Abandoned Mines B1F

115: Seed of Race Lizard Bandit’s Cave BF2 Only Barrel in West Room

SeedofRace Salon Abandoned Mines B2F

116: Seed of Power from Defeating Miranda, the Dragonkin Bandit Leader

117: Seed of Fortune from Third Tartarus Chaos Passage First Chest

SeedofFortune Tartarus (Northern Sabasa) Chaos Passage

A Note Preempting Confusion: On the other side of the Third Tartarus (Northern Sabasa Region) is the Administrator Tower. Once you complete the quest there, the Tartarus collapses and the tower appears in the main world in the same place. However, the Tartarus Admin Tower and Main World Admin Tower are actually two different areas despite looking identical. Make sure you grab everything and defeat all the Honey Pots in the basement of the Tartarus Admin Tower because they will be lost once you leave. The Main World Admin Tower has a new set of seeds and Honey Pots in the same place as the Tartarus Version so you can double up on collectibles.

118: Seed of Fortune from Admin Tower 1F, Room right to the stairs up to 2F, Pot at the bottom

SeedofFortune Tartarus (Northern Sabasa Region) Admin Tower 1F (Tartarus Version)

119: Seed of Spirit from Admin Tower 1F, Room left of the stairs to 2F, pot in bottom right of room.

SeedofSpirit Tartarus (Northern Sabasa Region) Admin Tower 1F (Tartarus)

120: Small Medal. Admin Tower BF1, Room directly across from stairs, drawers at the top of the room.

SmallMedal Tartarus (Northern Sabasa Region) Admin Tower B1F (Tartarus)

121: Seed of Promotion from Admin Tower B1F, Barrel in top left corner of middle right room.

SeedofPromotion Tartarus (Northern Sabasa Region) Admin Tower B1F (Tartarus)

122: Seed of Knowledge from Admin Tower 2F, First Room on left, drawers in the back.

SeedofKnowledge Tartarus (Northern Sabasa Region) Admin Tower 2F (First Room on Left)

123: Seed of Race from Admin Tower 2F, Second Room on the Left, Second Pot on the Right

SeedofRace Tartarus (Northen Sabasa Region) Admin Tower 2F First Room on the Right

124: Small Medal. Admin Tower 2F, library Room to the right of the stairs to 3F, Red chest top right

SmallMedal Tartarus (Northern Sabasa Region) 2F Library

125: Angel Seed from Admin Tower 4F Barrel above Blue chest in bottom left corner

AngelSeed Tartarus (Northern Sabasa Region) Admin Tower 4F (Tartarus)

126: Seed of Power from defeating Adramelech

127: Seed of Promotion from Admin Tower 1F (Main World), Room right to the ruined stairs up to 2F, Pot at the bottom

SeedofPromotion Tartarus (Northern Sabasa Region) Admin Tower 1F (Main World)

128: Seed of Lineage from Admin Tower in Room Opposite to Ruined stairs to 2F, Middle Barrel on left side of room. (Main World)

SeedofLineage Tartarus (Northern Sabasa Region) Admin Tower 1F (Main World)

129: Angel Seed from Admin Tower 1F, Room left of the ruined stairs to 2F, pot in bottom right of room. (Main World)

AngelSeed Tartarus (Northern Sabasa Region) Admin Tower 1F (Main World)

130: Seed of Lineage from Admin Tower B1F Barrel in top left corner of middle right room (Main World)

SeedofLineage Tartarus (Northern Sabasa Region) Admin Tower B1F (Main World)

131: Life Nut from defeating Alice.

132: Seed of Spirit from defeating Reaper.

Companions Gifts:

A number of companions will give collectibles as gifts but these do not reset going into new game plus. You can only receive them once per game file. Everything listed here only requires 10 Affection unless otherwise noted.

Pocket Castle Front Gate

Life Nut from Anko, the Anglerfish Girl

Pocket Castle Forest

Mystery Nut from Fell the Fairy

Seed of Magic from Milly and Lillu the Twin Fairies

Seed of Magic from Love and Lam the Brownies

Seed of Agility from Sylph

Seed of Agility from Lippy the Little Bug

Pocket Castle 1F South

1, 2, 3, 4, Medals from Amira at 10, 100, 500, and 2000 Affection respectively.

Seed of Defense from Teeny the Tiny Lamia

Seed of Magic from Vanilla the Vampire Girl

Seed of Strength from Gob the Goblin Girl

Seed of Magic from Kitsu the Kitsune

Life Nut from Hild the Brynhildr

Life Nut from Papi the Dragon Pup

Pocket Castle Kitchen

Life Nut from Eater

Pocket Castle Courtyard

Strength Seed from Aisha the Grizzly Bear Girl

Life Nut from Dahlia the Sandworm

Seed of Agility from Miu the Ostrich Girl

Seed of Strength from Banachi the Bandersnatch

Life Nut from Nefertiti Lamias

Seed of Strength from Helen the Antlion Girl

Seed of Defense from Gnome

Pocket Castle BF1

Seed of Magic from Ashidaka the Large Spider

Life Nut from Rachnee the Spider Girl

Seed of Dexterity from Shadow

Seed of Defense from Meltei the Sluggy Stars

Pocket Castle Barracks


Pocket Castle 2F West

Seed of Dexterity from Valto

Seed of Lineage from Robin the Experiment XX-7 for 2000 Affection

Mystery Nut from Cornelia the Book 65537

Seed of Spirit from Shinifa

Mystery Nut from Anna the Suck Vore

Seed of Promotion from Jaide at 2000 affection

Pocket Castle 3F

Seed of Dexterity from Promestein

Seed of Magic from Lily

Pocket Castle Royal Lounge


Pocket Castle 2F East

Seed of Agility from Lihitinu the Centaur.

Seed of Spirit from Manako the Gazer Girl.

Seed of Strength from Shizuka the Oni.

Seed of Magic from Julia the Worm Villager

Pocket Castle Lounge

Seed of Agility from Rachura the Tarantula Girl

Dynamic Locations:

Some Seeds and Small Medals can be farmed as random drops or steal-able items from some enemies but the encounter rates are uncommon to bad, the drop rates are rare and you are more likely to steal a common item from a foe than a rarer seed so how how effective this is as a farm is questionable and really up to luck unlike the static locations. Additionally, the Chaos Labyrinth features a seed every ten levels plus Chaos Labyrinth versions of old bosses will drop the same seeds unless they've been upgraded to Super Bosses, in which case they'll have better drops. The Chaos Labyrinth is infinite allowing infinite seeds but the difficulty may make it slower than just going into New Game Plus over and over again. Plus the seeds and bosses are random so looking for a particular seed isn't very viable. There also other ways of gaining seeds in the Chaos Labyrinth like the Mermaid Merchant who has a random chance of selling a seed for 3000G if you are lucking enough to find her in the first place. Finally, if you can conquer the Chaos Labyrinth with moderate difficulty, you probably don't need the seeds in the first place. Whether Chaos Labyrinth or particular enemies, you'll have to decide for yourself whether farming statically or dynamically is more profitable for what you have in mind.

Life Nut - Dropped by: Alipheese the 16th (Chaos Labyrinth) ; Stolen from: Reaper.

Mystery Nut - Dropped by: Sphinx (Chaos Labyrinth)

Seed of Power - Dropped by: Miranda, (Chaos Labyrinth), Adramelech (Chaos Labyrinth), Micaela (Chaos Labyrinth Super Boss) ; Stolen from: Sandworm Girl.

Seed of Defense - Stolen from: Shellfish Girl.

Seed of Spirit - Dropped by: Page 65537 (Chaos Labyrinth), Reaper (Chaos Labyrinth)

Seed of Magic - Dropped by: Nanabi (Chaos Labyrinth), Sara (Chaos Labyrinth), Lily (Chaos Labyrinth), Lucia (Chaos Labyrinth), Sonya Mazda (Chaos Labyrinth), Lucifina (Chaos Labyrinth)

Seed of Agility - Stolen from: Little Bug.

Seed of Skill - Dropped by: Sluggy Stars (Chaos Labyrinth Boss), Saki (Chaos Labyrinth), Sonya Mainyu (Chaos Labyrinth)

Small Medal - Dropped by: Mimic Girl (1/32), Honey Pot (1/32).

Seed of Fortune - Dropped by: Mimic Girl (1/8)

Angel Seed - Dropped by: Sonya Mazda (Chaos Labyrinth)

Archangel Seed - Dropped by: Morrigan (Chaos Labyrinth), Astaroth (Chaos Labyrinth)

Seed of Knowledge - Dropped by Honey Pot (1/8)

Seed of Promotion - None.

Seed of Ascension - Dropped by: Adramelech (Chaos Labyrinth)

Seed of Race - None.

Seed of Lineage - None.

Genius Seed - Dropped by: Sonya Mainyu (Chaos Labyrinth)

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