There are a lot achievements in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox. They can be gained through story or by doing something else. If you know more, feel free to add them here.


The rescue of Hans

You saved the kidnapped villager (Obtained through Main Quest)

Descent of Goddess Ilias

You have been recognized as an unblessed hero (Obtained through Main Quest)

The Monster Lord's slave

Monster Lord Alice added to the party... or perhaps you were added to hers (Obtained through Main Quest if chose Alice)

The Goddess's slave

Goddess Ilias added to the party... or perhaps you were added to hers (Obtained through Main Quest if chose Ilias)

Childhood tag-along

Sonya forced her way into the party... (Obtained through Main Quest)

A Proof of Bravery

You've been recognized by a guard for the discovery of the [Proof of Bravery] (Obtained through Guard's Quest. See Iliasville and Cave of Trials for more details)

Merchant rescue

You've brought the lost merchant to safety (Obtained through Merchant's Quest. See Iliasville and Talus Hill for more details)

Bandit annihilation

You won against the monster bandits and rehabilitated the girls (Obtained through Main Quest. See Main Quest: Looking for the Informant for more details)

Resolved Phoenix Tail trade

You liberated the deceived Phoenix Girl (Obtained through Side Quest. See Amira's Side Quest: Nameless Slums Trafficking for more details)

Traveler from another world

You continue your adventure in a parallel world (Obtained through Main Quest. Go through the first Tartarus)

Catching harpies

You cured the harpies of the epidemic (Obtained through Side Quest. See Harpies' Problem for more details)

Mysterious Medal Queen

You received your first audience with the Medal Queen (Go to the Transfer Shrine, then warp to the North Ilias Monastery, then go to the Medal Queen Castle in the Northwest)

Slug extermination

You triumphed over the slug boss in Slug Tower (Obtained through Side Quest. See Slugs' Problem for more details)

Chasing your father

One day, you will catch up to him (Obtained through Main Quest. Go through the second Tartarus)

Disappearance of Micaela

Where did she go... (Obtained through Main Quest. Go to Enrika in the lost woods after second tartarus)

Welcome to Sentora

Your first visit to the continent of Sentora (Obtained through Main Quest)

Collapse of a shota-harem

You defeated the brainwashed Meia (Obtained through Side Quest. See Mermaids' Problem for more details)

Chasing the Four Spirits

You seek the strength to walk a righteous path from history (Obtained through Main Quest)

As a hero...

The last wish of Micaela, engraved upon your heart (Obtained through Main Quest)

Mechanized Pope No. 7

You discovered the secret of the church... (Obtained through Main Quest)

Haunted mansion curtain call

You put an end to the disturbance at the haunted mansion and delivered punishment to Chrome (Obtained through Side Quest. See Necromancer Problem for more details)

The spirit of the wind

You acquired the power of Sylph (Obtained through Main Quest)

A soul of burning justice

Destined to be a hero after all (Obtained through Side Quest. See Justice Kaiser's Side Quest for more details)

Black Alice's Counterattack

The devilish tea party never ends (Obtained through Side Quest. See Chrome's Recruitment Quest for more details)

Tomboy princess honor restored

Secretly saved Sabasa (Obtained through Side Quest, See Sabasa Problem for more details)

The idol's curtain call

Saki, flash!☆ (Obtained through Side Quest. See Saki for more details)

The witch's dinner

You have settled the troubles in Witch Hunt Village (Obtained through Side Quest. See Witch Hunt Village Sidequest for more details)

The spirit of earth

You acquaired the power of Gnome (Obtained through Main Quest)

Wish from a ruined world

You engraved the desires of La Croix upon your heart (Obtained through Main Quest)

First time shopper

You bought your first item at a shop

Regular shopper

You bought 30000G worth of goods; you really like your shops

Your first synthesis

You commissioned your first synthesis to a blacksmith

Blacksmith binger

You commissioned 50 blacksmith syntheses; kind of a habit now

Your first job change

You made your first job change in Ilias Temple

Job hopper

You changed job 10 times; looks bad on your resume

Your first race change

You changed races for the first time in Ilias Temple

Habitual race changer

You changed races 5 time now; you start to understand different species

Your first battle!

You fought an opponent for the first time, an unforgettable event

Seasoned adventurer

You've made it through 300 battles; you're quite the adventurer

Your first escape

You've committed your first act of cowardice by running away

Keep running

You've escaped 10 times; running away just feels natural at this point

Your first defeat

You have been defeated by your opponent, receiving your rewar- No, your disgrace

Adventurer bait

You have been defeated 30 times; that just makes you prey

Monster killer

You've turned the tables on 500 monsters

Medal beginner

You've started a small medal collection (Exchange medals for the first time)

Medal collector

You learned the name of the Medal Queen (Exchanged at least 15 medals)

First BF victory

You got your first victory in a Battle Fuck

Accomplished Battle Fucker

You defeated 15 Battle Fuckers

First BF defeat

You received your first defeat in a Battle Fuck

Shameful Loser

You have lost 30 Battle Fucks

Little shop of horas

The beginning of the item shop: dealing herb (Through Vanilla Side Quest. See Shop Quest for more details)

A nice shop

A satisfying personal item shop (Through Vanilla Side Quest. Achieved once you've cleared all the item shops on Ilias continent)

A fully-stocked shop

Displaying all the goods Sentora continent has to offer (Through the Vanilla Side Quest. Achieved once you've cleared all the item shops on Sentora continent)

Papi the blacksmith

A good first step towards being a master blacksmith (Through Papi Side Quest. See Blacksmith Quest for more details)

First class blacksmith

You even get clients coming from the other side of the world


Adventure is a matter of liberty (Pick silly/nonsense choices 3 times)

Strike Freedom

Luka, loyal to himself (Pick silly/nonsense choices 8 times)

A desperate Nero

The ordinary traveler seems to have royally screwed up (Run from Nero in Iliasville)

The murder of Amira

She'll just come back as if nothing even happened (Kill Amira on first meet with her)


You learn how the other half lives while staying at an ultra-luxurious inn (Pay the original price of 100 000 G for staying at Sutherland Inn)

The bats of Witch Hunt

You kept your eyes peeled (Reach both Lucia or Lily at the end of their respective dungeons but reconsider your choice for both of them before choosing to defeat one of them)

Enlightened Dog Girl

Although she's enlightened, she still loves meaty bones (Complete Pochi's Side Quest and speak to all 9 Dog Girls)

Sheep's world tour

Spot the drunk sheep in bars around the world (Complete Sheep's Side Quest. See Pocket Castle Side Quests for more details

Best friends

Nuruko and Gnome feel a bond joining them... (Simply examine the grave in Safaru Ruins after recruiting both Nuruko and Gnome; neither one needs to be in your party when you examine the grave)

Slot Master

You got 777 in the slot machine

In-battle 777

You got 777 while fightning (Use Gambler's Slots and make 777)

Poker master

You were dealt a Royal Flush while playing poker

Universe in Conflict

You will see the tears of the stars (Complete Kamuro's Side Quest)

Gravity-defying imp

We heard rumors about a suicidal imp... (Complete first part of Rami's Side Quest. See Pocket Castle Side Quests for more details)

Chi pa pa

The flower on your head goes chi pa pa (Use Chi Pa Pa!)

Find me...

You found Amira hiding in a town (Find Amira at least once. See Amira's Side Quest: Come Find Me, Hero for more details)

The 15th Amira

You found Amira hiding in a town 15 times (Find Amira in all towns. See above)

The first sniff

You showed your first panty to Panty Sensei (To obtain panties, one must max out Gadabout job and obtain Shameless Theft special skill, Panty Sensei can be found in Pornof)

Panty collector

You showed 50 panties to Panty Sensei

The death of Panty Sensei

All the perverts of the world cry over his disappearance (Bring Panty Sensei Monster Lord Panties)

Angel, kill! Kill!

You defeated the armored berserker (Use this guide for Super Bosses )

Seventh Heaven

You defeated Nanabi (She can be fought after first encounter with Neris)

I hate riddles

You defeated Sphinx (She can be fought after first encounter with her)

Monster Lord's defeat?

You defeated Hades Alice (Ask Reaper for a challenge in Hades and defeat Alice)

Conquered death itself

You defeated Reaper

Labyrinth challenger

You reached the 10th level of the Labyrinth of Chaos

Labyrinth expert

You reached the 50th level of the Labyrinth of Chaos

Labyrinth master

You reached the 100th level of the Labyrinth of Chaos

Labyrinth God

You reached the 200th level of the Labyrinth of Chaos

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